The White Flower of November

Come November and as Maltese fields receive their first real consistent dose of rain they tend to be taken over by this plant that then paints them all in white.  Taking advantage of the absence of competing wildplants that do not blossom till later in the season it monopolizes the Maltese scenery for the month with its reign sometimes extending partially to December.

It is a delightful plant that were it not for its aggressive self-seeding would not look out of place in the border of a domestic garden, offering colour and a flash of brightness.  It even has a culinary purpose and its leaves can be added to salads to give their flavouring a bit of a sharp bite.

Botanical Name: Lobularia Maritima L

Common name: Sweet Alyssum (English) Buttuniera (Maltese)

Family:  Mustard / Cress


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