Wild Flower With a Dark Side

There are many wildflowers that we pass by without noticing be it because of the hurried pace of modern life or the normality of those flowers.  This is unlikely to be one of them largely because of its size.  With flowers that can be as large as twenty five centimetres they are definitely eye-catching and noticeable.

Their size, however, pales when compared to the evocative nature of their Maltese name: Sigriet ir-Rizzi (the Sea Urchins' Secret).  It is a name derived from the fruit of this plant – a ball of green covered in spikes – that resembles a sea urchin.

Yet it isn’t only in Malta that this plant has a memorable name for in English speaking countries it is referred to as Devil’s Trumpet which refers not only to its trumpet like look but also its toxicity which may be fatal to humans and domestic animals.

Botanical Name: Datura Innoxia
Common name: Devil’s Trumpet (English) Sigriet ir-Rizzi (Maltese)
Family:  Solanaceae (potato family)  


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